Simple Cakes

When you need a "normal sized" cake for a smaller function, order a simple cake.  Cakes are round and come in 3 sizes - 6", 8" and 10".  We use the same amount of cake batter for each cake, so a 6" cake is 8" tall, a 8" cake is 5" tall and a 10" cake is 3"tall.  You can chose french vanilla or chocolate for the cake, and they are decorated with buttercream.  As part of the ordering process, you'll have the chance to tell us the color(s) you'd like, and give us a bit of an idea on the theme of your event and if you have any style preferences. 

A simple cake starts at $20, any size.  


Tiered Cakes

When you need to feed a few more people, or are looking for a wow factor, order a tiered cake.  Cakes are round and come in 4 sizes, 6", 8", 10", 12".  Each cake has a layer of chocolate ganache under buttercream and fondant decoration.  The first layer is $40, all other layers are $20, no matter the size.  Layers are approximately 3" deep.

For example: If you would like an 8" cake on top of a 10" cake, your cost will be $40+ $20 = $60, your cake will be around 6" tall.  Instead, if you want a taller cake, stack two 8" cakes on top of two 10" cakes, your cost will be $40+ $20+ $20+ $20 = $100 and you cake will be around 12" tall.

If you would like something totally custom, we can do that too, please send us an email at and let's chat.